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I work and support myself so I don’t need a man for that. I am not a shallow woman by any means. My problem is finding a man who wants a deep, meaningful connection without concerns for materialism and baggage from the past. I am an idealist, but times have changed. I don’t see that many men take care of themselves or care to have any type of affectionate relationship. Either they are content to be alone and play around or they don’t have the balls to take on another relationship that requires work and dedication, all because they have been hurt.

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The points you mentioned for a meaningful relationship are points I value very much. Society as a whole has changed, and I’m not so sure that trash tv, online dating, and dirty websites have done us a favor as a whole. Beyond that, I have not considered divorced women in my search up to now, but after reading your post I will gladly rethink that. I has just been a matter of fear really, of being compared to a prior significant partner. But I have considered widows, so that makes me a bit inconsistent, Lol.

As our generation gets a little older, a surprising number of us are putting on our dancing shoes and getting back in the senior dating game. After all, more women over 60 are single than ever before, whether that’s due to divorce or widowhood or just never having been married in the first place. Likewise, psychological “flexibility” (i.e. empathy and reason) are especially attractive at any age. As University of Texas at Austin psychologist, David Buss, PhD, explains, characteristics such as “fidelity, loyalty, kindness, dependability, and intelligence” are paramount to long-term mating. What’s more, those attributes take on even greater importance to anyone who has been burned by an ex, let alone an ex-spouse.

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I have dated women between 40 to 50 that are going through this. This can also be an issue that impacts sex drives. There is always something to deal with. I have found that all guys play games, even when I have shown them that I am not into that. I just want to be real and have something real, whether it’s a friendship with a man or something more than that.

You are expecting some woman to fix you and that is not her job. I’ll carry on looking as I’m certain she’s out there but crikey it gets tiresome dealing with the dregs to get to her. Dating was very easy back in the old days compared to today. Most women now have very high unrealistic expectations and standards that they never had in the old days. I think many are similar to what the confused Dude has described. I don’t think all men are like this though – there are bound to be some exceptions to this – even some people who actually fall in love with each other and their age doesn’t come into it.

When you meet a good, kind man who has a sense of humor, life can be a lot of fun. Being with someone spiritual is even more icing on the cake for me because I am very spiritual myself. Sure I have scars, but they don’t stop me from moving forward and believing I can have something meaningful again with a man. That’s my situation, too, but with a twist. I’m 53, never been married, no kids, and have had both casual and long-term relationships with men. Pretty, educated, and started a great career at 48 (one that keeps me hopping, even on weekends, so, yes, a bit hard to plan things – I’m a realtor).

Not sure how access will be increased as she is unwilling to do so as she wants to raise him in her religion which is different than mine. Anyway, I hope to be back enjoying my self with a woman in the not to distant future, we can talk on phone if you like or by email so we can exchange photos. It may well be that friendship first is a good rule, not having expectations for effort and not being used for validation allows you to set your value. If you don’t date or find that women or man then so what. It is you that matters and how you behave that gives you pride in yourself – what missing part of you will be completed by dating or a relationship maybe address that first. The opposite, it’s super easy for women as long as they are at least moderately attractive she will have tons of men after her.

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1 long-term relationship since my divorce that was for approx. I’d like to find a man within 5-7 years of my age either direction that loves sex like I do and wants a relationship. It seems that combination is a tough find.

I am not attracted to a guy that is too skinny, nor attracted to some muscular buffed gym rat. I am not as toned as I would like to be, at 115 lb I still possess celulite. I would say I am average and am equally attracted to an average weight man. Chris….you sound like a genuine person also. It is nice to hear, and I appreciate your post.

Not sure what the future holds or even what I want from it. My marriage was not good for the last several years so sadly after 26 years together there is not much to miss…the sad thing is I would have stayed and kept trying. However now this year has shown me that closing that door has changed my life for the better as well. I am finally taking time for me…not the husband or child, who’s now 20 and on her own.

I am 52 and find it scary to even think about dating again. Reading some of these stories shows me that it will be hard at this age. Hell, I haven’t been on a date in 27 years, but hopefully I will know when it’s the right time. I still believe in love and I believe you can find true love more than once. We all change as we age as do our interests.

Many of us are looking for a companion or a friend or even a no-strings-attached lover. Don’t Be Too Serious – A good sense of humor is sexy. One might assume that by the time a man is in his fifties, he’d have learned that lying to a partner will likely not end well, but for some men at least, that lesson has eluded them. Meaning that, yes, there are fifty-something-year-old Lotharios out there who will say anything to sleep with you.

I never want to grow to be an old woman, sounds awful. According to what I read on the net, I’m part of an ever-increasing cohort of men of all ages who’ve drawn the same conclusion. It’s never been easy, and the search for has become exponentially more difficult since we were young. Gentlemen, I understand your frustration over the current state of relations between the sexes.